Hydrocarbon Upstream Technical consulting unit


CCP offers consulting services in hydrocarbon exploration and Exploitation activities to international and local petroleum companies, since 1993.

Hydrocarbon Exploration and Exploitation Activities

CCP´s team of geologists, geologist-geophysicists, petroleum and environmental engineers has vast experience in hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation activities, planning and supervision of all phases related to these activities and an in depth knowledge of geology and reservoir behavior. Most of our professionals worked for PETROPERU, the former state oil company, for more than eighteen years before setting up CCP.

In the Talara Basin, on the northwest coast of Peru, our geologists and reservoir engineers, while working for the former operator PETROPERU, participated extensively in exploration and oilfield development, recommending more than 400 development wells, with 85% success, and exploratory wells. CCP have also worked on projects to increase oil production in Ecuador´s Santa Elenas´s oilfields.

CCP´s main activities in the Peruvian jungle are hydrocarbon potential evaluations, field geology, geological control during the drilling of wells and the promotion of new areas for oil and natural gas exploration.

Our services are related to:

  • Evaluation of basins, seismic interpretation, basin and maturity modeling, petroleum system analysis, definition and prioritization of exploration areas, supervision and execution of field data acquisition (field geology, seismic, geochemistry, gravimetry and magnetometry).
  • Evaluation of projects.
  • Planning and execution of field geology work and seismic quality control.
  • Geologic control during the drilling of wells.
  • Consulting on environmental and social aspects.
  • Assisting petroleum companies and bringing them together with PERUPETRO or other public or private entities related to petroleum industry activities in PERU.

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